my parents named me melissa yet it seems that molasses would have been more appropriate. molasses is slow motion, it is sweet yet not, and it’s likely to make a sticky mess.

whatever my name, i’m prone to prolonging any task by overthinking it or overworking it or avoiding it altogether. Doing this or that consumes no less than twice the time anticipated, meaning three times that of a normal person.  it’s remarkable, my s_l_u_g_g_i_s_h_n_e_s_s, getting to and getting through just about everything: emails, phone calls, appointments, social or professional whatevers and all those other things so carefully written rewritten highlighted on countless dusty to-do lists.

truth is, they’re not so dusty because cleaning is a terrific way to procrastinate. let’s just call it active inactivity.

nonetheless, between tidying and penning those to avoid to-do lists, i’ve been making art of one sort or another. Not surprisingly, my pace in posting these endeavors has been unhurried: slow as a snail or, more aptly, immobile as a mollusk in molasses.

i’m hoping that this bog blog compels me to regularly show more of my unseen work, bits that might satisfy those with darker tastes who don’t crave excessive sweetness; most of those sugary crystals have been spun out for another time.

so at long last, here’s some visual syrup made from what’s found on my table, around my workspace and in my journals. sometimes a sticky mess means that you’re having fun.

<december 2009>